jeudi 6 mars 2014

Life Drawing Class again

As usual, I feel that when I try to "clean" too much (last drawing) it's less expressive...

Same problem with storyboards, when I think I'm doing a rough I'm going to clean , it looks more expressive than when I say to myself
"Okay, let's make some roughs I'm not cleaning, and deliver them like that"
I can't help it, I always try to clean a bit, or make some "understandable" lines and that is what finally looks less expressive...

I just have to lie to myself I guess, doing roughs I THINK I will clean...And deliver them LIKE THAT!

2 commentaires:

  1. C'est marrant - t'as eu moins de temps sur le dernier dessin pourtant ;D
    Love the 1st and 4th *.*
    Are the 2nd and 3rd the drawings from memory with corrections? It's cool to see the differences...

  2. Yes that's it! We figured out that when we try to draw by memory we kind of kicked out the perspective...
    It really makes you be careful about details you know you risk to forget!