lundi 17 mars 2014

Pen, Paper and Ukulele

 Hello hello everyone!
I hope you're all doing great and if you're in Paris, enjoyed this beautiful sunny week.

I was in Holidays this week and I wanted to work on the blue mouse project (here are a couple of drawings), but the weather was soooo sunny I couldn't stay in front of my computer!

Also, as there are many musicians at Macguff, we started to play with a bunch of Ukulele players!
This is really fun, and music is such a good therapy...
Here is a picture that Julien took last week, when we were playing in a park near the Studio.
from left to right:
Neal, Juliaon, François, Chloé, me, Garth and Vincent

I also recorded a little song this weekend for some friends, if you feel your ears are strong enough to hear that, go ahead:

And to finish, here are two letters I made for my friends Charles and Hermine;

Have a nice evening!

3 commentaires:

  1. c'est toi qui chante ? quand meme pas ou si ?

  2. Nölwenn!!! Le souris me fait coucou!!! uinogftyceibnlpserybnp *o*
    (Effectivement - je connais Vincent :'D)

  3. Olive > Oui c'est casse souvent les oreilles de mes voisins n_n
    Laurent > Yes haha! cftdszqqqsdrcvghn :)