mardi 25 novembre 2014

Project, life drawing and music!

 Hello everyone!
 I hope you're all fine wherever you are!

Here are some little things I wanted to share, and first I'm happy to say that I'm still working on the Mouse Project, but now I'm not alone anymore! 
Some amazingly nice and awesome friends will work with me on the animation (have to say that's a biiig help), and the very first of them is Laurent (=
He made this really cool turn of the mouse ("it's still rough" he said)

(you can see his blog here)

For now I'm still working on the storyboad, starting to edit a little bit.

It's so great to work on that project...

...and here are two sketches of the last drawing class we had

As Illumination Macguff is an AWESOME Studio, people who realised there was a lot of musicians in here asked if we could make a concert, the answer was the 1st of November at the Point Ephémère in Paris.
We were like 10 bands playing this night, and that was amazing!

this is a picture (took by Laurent Blue) of one of the two bands I'm in, the Musicians Tourists.

That's all (for now) !
Have a good evening!

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