mercredi 14 mai 2014

Drawings for the end of the day

Hello hello!
Some little things here and there...

For the "Mouse Project" (still don't have any real name for it), it goes slowly but I hope I'll find enough time to work on it soon (with help from some friends hopefully :))

Also when I have a little bit of time after work I make some "fake projects" like My Life on Mars, a story about a cartoonist/philosopher who lives and works on Mars during the 70'.
Those fake projects are always dead before anything happen to them, but it's fun anyway, the beginning of things is always the most exciting part!

I also keep going to life drawing classes at Macguff, and this week we had a very nice model (The one Niko felt in love with ;))
I still don't know how to place things on the face, nose, eyes, mouth still are a mystery to me....

And to finish, a little card!

Aaaannnd that's it for now!
I hope you're enjoying your evening!
See you soon

6 commentaires:

  1. Fake projects are sometimes the best projects!
    Lovely stuff

  2. carrement trop bien! Surtout la souris!

  3. Reaaaaally nice stuff. Love your mouse, your cards, your drawings... even your songs :). Keep posting !

  4. Where can I apply to work on the Mouse Project?!?! *.* I can send you my reel and book ... and some chocolate chip cookies!!
    Wish I was there for the drawing class..... if not for the model, just to see Nico's face ;D

  5. Hoo thanks to all of you!
    Laurent, you're already on the list :) :) (but I'll take the chocolate chip cookies as well :p)