mercredi 3 avril 2013

It's crazy how time passed so quickly this year. 
I remember April 2012, coming to the studio every day, wondering how I could manage not to die everytime I had to show my drawings to the Directors. I was scared to death all the time. 

So it's been a year now....and I'm still scared. But a bit Less. Sometimes. 
I met a lot of amazing people here, and even them (some real genius, and after 15 years of making movies) are still unsatisfied of their drawings. Will it never stop? Does anyone believes in himself? I guess not...

Well, while I'm trying to learn how to make Storyboards at Macguff, doing little Comics with Didier, going to the Life Drawing courses, the English courses... it's hard to find a bit of time to work on my projects. 
But I can't do anything constructive at work if I don't take time to draw for myself, even if it's just a little mouse.

And yes, it's still all in black and white. I have big problems with colors, it's sooo hard...

4 commentaires:

  1. <3<3<3!!!

    (If you've been there a year, you must be doing something right! Happy anniversary!
    And I don't think we will ever be satisfied...but we keep trying anyway :) A satisfied artist is a stagnant one...)

  2. This is nice girl, really nice, I like it a lot.
    L'ambiance de tes recherches est chouette, et ton trait est assumé !!


    just kidding...

    that's REALLY nice.